All of our units offer full control of both temperature and relative humidity in order to protect your valuable possessions!

Climate Controlled Storage in Waterville, Maine

What is Climate Controlled Storage?

Temperature control and humidity control are both critical to protecting sensitive belongings from the harsh impact of weather over the course of the four seasons. At Always Sunny Storage, our climate controlled storage units use tightly sealed insulation and heaters to maintain typical temperatures between 50-85º F. But it's not enough to just rely on temperature controlled storage! We also use powerful exhaust fans to maintain relative humidity below 65%, which is important for preventing the problems that can arise from condensation.

Do I Need Climate Controlled Storage?

Maine’s extreme temperature changes can threaten various sensitive items when kept in conventional self-storage. In particular, Climate Controlled Storage is important for protecting:

Wooden Indoor Furniture, which tends to expand and warp in hot, humid weather and then shrink again (and crack) in the cold winter months. Climate Controlled Self Storage can save your family heirlooms from bad deterioration.

PhotosDocuments, Books, and other important paper-based possessions can deteriorate under volatile temperature and humidity conditions. Small Businesses, in particular, should consider the benefits of Climate Controlled Storage for their record-keeping requirements.

Electronic Devices, which can be particularly sensitive to both temperature and humidity swings. Cameras, computers, tv’s, gaming systems, stereos, and any other number of household electronics can be at risk within conventional storage. Different types of media (DVDs, VHS tapes, Photos, Records) are sensitive to humidity damage and can potentially melt in extreme heat. 

Leather & Fabricswhich can turn yellow, fade, or otherwise deteriorate in quality. Without humidity control, these can become vulnerable to mold and mildew. 

Metal can rust! Temperature controlled storage units prevent this problem from happening to your valued possessions.

Is Climate Control Necessary for Storage?

The benefits of Climate Controlled Storage become most important when you plan to store your items for multiple months across multiple seasons. The changing of temperature and humidity conditions in conventional, uncontrolled self-storage is what presents the various threats listed above.

Climate Controlled Storage Units Serving Waterville, ME and Augusta, ME

Find us on 69 Chaffee Brook Rd, Winslow, ME, 04901! 

Directly next to Pine View Homes (499 Augusta Rd), turn off of Augusta (also known as Route 201) onto Chaffee Brook Road. Come down the hill a couple hundred feet. Our access road is nestled in the woods on your right!

Note: rent online first in order to get your customized gate access code.